Join us. On bikes. In cities. In regular clothes. Going everyday places.(Don’t know how to ride a bike? We gotcha.)

Rock these fun, fashionable and surprising-light upcycled bike tube earrings, which come on handcrafted plantable packaging that transforms the tragic news of the day into wildflowers. Post photos on social media hashtagged #BikeBloom.

The BikeBloom Etsy shop launched on World Bicycle Day 2022. Get BikeBloom earrings two-abreast and singletrack in a wide variety of styles, colors, and combos of bike tubes (vegan leather!), chain parts, and brake hardware rescued from REI and elsewhere.

You can also get BikeBloom earrings FREE when u donate $125US to Global Spokes, which provides bikes, helmets, locks and lights to refugees-of-war in the USA’s most diverse square mile. See details here.

All Etsy proceeds and Global Spokes donations are used to help more people ride bikes, and thus, change the world. It’s actually that simple.

Want more welcoming ways to be part of the biggest bike boom (BikeBloom) since the 1970s? Join the club. Literally. BikeBloom is the free bike club for people who don’t necessarily want to join bike clubs! Our free monthly newsletter offers feel-good updates and inspiration about your right to belong in a bikey world. Plus, we showcase sustainable stuff that can make traveling at the speed of bike more fun and easy. Sign up here (the first issue is up!) so you don’t miss the fun. We wrote the book on this crossroads-of-change in the USA.

Meet the maker, Pattie Baker, author of Traveling at the Speed of Bike (book and blog), League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor (#5384), PeopleForBikes Ambassador, Bicycle Mayor with BYCS as part of a global consortium, and road violence survivor.


Brace yourself. If u haven’t fallen in love with #BikeBloom #upcycled #bike tube earrings yet, this is the style that’s gonna get u (comes #TwoAbreast and Singletrack). See BikeBloom on #Etsy

♬ Bicycle Race – Unrisen Queen
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BikeBloom earrings make a beautiful gift. Order on Etsy.

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